Perfect handling provides a significant contribution in optimizing your production processes. That is why we place great value on ensuring that our handling systems are continuously perfected. L.B. Bohle handling systems are based on intensive cooperation with our customers in the solids-processing pharmaceutical industry. We combine your definitive experience and requirements with our constructive ideas, which are well proven in practice.

Different containers and lifting systems are used to supply raw material, transport products or secure sealing or storage. For sensitive handling of pharmaceutical products, L.B. Bohle has developed a broad range of optimized handling solutions.

The stationary lifting columns and mobile lifters have been designed for the universal handling of the most varied containers. They are in compliance with GMP standards pursuant to the applicable EN safety regulations 1570, and are perfectly suitable for the precise positioning of bowls or containers, for example via a tablet press. Small footprint thanks to optimized design. The smooth surfaces enable easy operation and cleaning.

We do not just offer intelligent process technology and practical handling systems. We also combine both into tailored system solutions that allow your production to operate optimally.

Our stationary lifting hoists are designed for universal handling (lifting, docking, inverting, rotating, etc.) of various containers, drums, etc. They are designed according to cGMP standards

Handling advantages of the Bohle Lifting Columns HS:

  • Precise postioning of containers, e.g. over a tablet press
  • Space-saving with slim design
  • Automatic drum clamping device optional
  • Simple operation
  • optimal cleaning due to smooth surfaces

Blending and storage containers and tablet and capsule containers

At L.B. Bohle we have containers for every feasible use: Transport and storage containers, blending containers, stainless steel containers, round or square, different cone angles, for mass flow, drums
mobile and stationary containers in various designs and sizes. Our containers are characterized mainly by top quality and first class construction.

Our mobile lifters are also designed to cGMP standards and meet the applicable EN safety regulations for the universal handling of various containers. An electric drive system (self propelled) is standard above 400 kg lift capacity, ensuring comfortable load transport. The load supports are designed according to your application and allow the lifter to be used as a lifting, transport, docking and feeding unit.

Handling Advantages:

  • safe design
  • Simple operation with low friction, large wheels
  • Above 400 kg lift capacity with electric floor drive (self propelled), below optional
  • Handling of all kinds of containers, drums, tanks, pallets, big bags, etc.
  • Automatic drum clamping device optional

The L.B. Bohle Pharma Universal Cleaning System guarantees best cleaning results. The economical container washing system PUR has a compact design, but with the major functionality of an expensive WASH-CABIN. It can be easily used for various container sizes and shapes. It comprises a height adjustable spray arm/nozzle assembly. The entire washing procedure is computer controlled and documented. Many individual cleaning recipes can be stored in the controls.

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The unique feature of this plant is that the tablet production can be implemented either without granulation or with dry or wet granulation, in one system.

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