Sieving machines are used for the milling of solids. This milling fulfils two purposes: Firstly, it enlarges the particle surface which increases the speed of dissolution. Secondly, it evens out differences between particle sizes in order to ensure that mixing can be homogeneous. 

In particular due to their versatility, sieving machines play a crucial role in pharmaceutical production. They can be integrated into complex production lines, for example for filling/emptying or transfer operations at process machines, or for filling and decanting containers.

Decisive factors for the use and functionality of sieving machines include their flexibility and the fact that the equipment requires very little room. In particular in pharmaceutical clean rooms where there is often not much space, the small footprint of these systems is a great benefit. In addition, certain sieving systems are equipped with integrated lifting columns (post hoists) so that they can be integrated into almost any conceivable process scenario.

Another feature that increases the efficiency of the processes is the mobility of the machines. For use or for cleaning, they can be moved or even disassembled quickly and easily.

Optimal calibration of particle size with the Bohle Turbo Sieve

The BTS sieve is used for the uniform size reduction of pharmaceutical ingredients. In addition, the sieve can be used for mixing and dispersing. Sieves are available in a wide variety of different sizes – from laboratory equipment to high-capacity systems.

Compared to other comminution technologies available on the market, the Bohle sieve provides numerous benefits for production:

  • Less noise
  • Narrow distribution of particle sizes
  • High design flexibility
  • Higher capacity than comparable systems

This means that for the processing of low-density materials, a sieving system of this type can achieve a throughput that is 50 % higher than that of conventional mills.

The patented BTS Turbo Sieve is used for the calibration of particle sizes and thus guarantees an optimal particle size distribution.

Using different sieve types – hole sieves and friction sieves

The use of various conical sieve inserts (hole sieves and friction sieves) supports the processing of both dry products and wet products at speeds of 150 to 1500 rpm (revolutions per minute). This makes it possible to achieve product capacities of two to three metric tons in one hour.

Operators work with an easy-to-use 7“touch panel that provides access to user management and recipe management as well as PDF batch print management and includes a USB interface. The explosion-proof version of the Turbo Sieve can also be used for applications where compliance with the ATEX directives is required.

Fast and easy cleaning

The easy-to-clean design of the sieve makes manual cleaning quick and convenient. The sieve container is easy to remove using the combination of bayonet mount and clamp ring. This makes it very easy to clean the individual components. As an option, the sieve housing can be equipped with cleaning nozzles for simple WIP cleaning where material residue is quickly removed from inside the sieve container. Cleaning nozzles on the sides of the sieve insert and below the angled drive are included in the scope of supply. They receive the cleaning fluid from a central water connection point.

Benefits of the Bohle Turbo Sieve

  • Innovative impeller design
  • Speeds 150 – 1,500 rpm
  • Particle sizing of dry and wet products
  • Electric height adjustment; mobile and flexible
  • Production capacities of 2–3 metric tons /hour
  • Also available in explosion-proof design according to ATEX guidelines
  • Variety of available conical hole sieves
  • Easy-to-use via 7“ touch panel. User management, recipe management, PDF batch printing via USB interface

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Technical Data: Bohle Turbo Sieve

  BTS 100 BTS 200
Dimensions[LxWxH] 930 x 500 x 1000 mm 1750 x 905 x 1980 mm
Weight 136 kg 420 kg
Output 1000 kg/h
depends on product and sieve
2000 – 3000 kg/h
depends on product and sieve
Speed 300– 3000 rpm 150 – 1500 rpm

Available types of the Bohle Turbo Sieve

  • BTS 100
  • BTS 200

Your contact for the Bohle Turbo Sieve

Matthias Dietz

Area Sales Manager

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+49 2524 - 93 23 0

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