The coating of tablets is a combination of spraying, mixing and drying. All three processes must run simultaneously using the correct settings in order to achieve optimal coating uniformity.
For years, L.B. Bohle has been offering the most efficient and effective systems on the market.

Coating with the Bohle Tablet Coater - Economical tablet coating

The Bohle BTC Tablet Coater is synonymous for economical tablet coating. The flat tablet bed, patented air flow system and high spray volumes ensure quality and shorten processing times by up to 35 %. The BTC sets standards with its top mixing performance and therefore guarantee an extremely uniform application of the coating.

Successful film coating processes are founded in three basic operations: spraying, drying and mixing. Each individual production step must be carefully planned and optimized in harmony with the other steps. The BTC Tablet Coater is setting standards regarding quality and economy.

Best-of-class product processing with high profitability

In the BTC Tablet Coater, a flat tablet bed with a long pan geometry ensures the optimal flow of the tablet cores. The systematic forced guidance in the pan keeps the load in constant motion. This prevents twinning, and losses of solids and coating are kept very low. Novel concepts, both regarding the process and the cleaning, improve the functionality of the tablet coater and produce outstanding results. The air flow design unlocks clear process advantages. It means there is no longer a risk of spray-drying the suspension. This reduces spray losses and improves the texture of the coating.

Gentle tablet handling and complete discharge

The pan geometry in combination with the mixing elements guarantees the gentle handling of the tablets. By reversing the rotational direction of the pan, the tablets can be emptied out quickly and completely.

Major benefits of the BTC include its simple design for a 'through-the-wall' installation, the built-in control cabinet as well as a simple, functional housing. In addition, in the Bohle Tablet Coater, all nozzles are supplied with suspension fluid via a single pump head. The machine is easy to control and monitor because the multi-panel display with the operator touch panel is mounted directly on the coater.

Benefits of the Bohle Tablet Coater

  • Processing times reduced by up to 35 % compared to conventional coating systems
  • Homogeneous mixing due to patented spirals
  • Gentle, mechanical treatment of the tablets, no tablet breaking or twinning
  • Uniform film application
  • Fast and easy discharge through reversal of rotational direction
  • Nozzles with anti-bearding caps allow for long operating times
  • Losses of spray suspension minimized to less than 5 %
  • Geometric similarities among all machine sizes allow for easy scale-up
  • User-friendly software and display
  • Easy and fast cleaning

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Technical Data: Bohle Tablet Coater BTC

  BTC 100 BTC 200 BTC 400 BTC 600
Batch size (max. volume) [L] 50 - 160 100 - 300 200 - 650 400 – 980
No. of spray nozzles 5 6 8 10
Suspension unit All nozzles are fed by one peristaltic pump head

Available types of the Bohle Tablet Coater

  • Bohle Tablet Coater BTC 100
  • Bohle Tablet Coater BTC 200
  • Bohle Tablet Coater BTC 400
  • Bohle Tablet Coater BTC 600

Your contact for the Bohle Tablet Coater

Burkhard Schmidt

Sales Director

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+49 2524 - 93 23 0

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