The KOCO® 25 is designed as a semi-continuous coater, featuring a reliable throughput while ensuring a constant residence time for all cores. The process machine is built on the industry proven, patented Bohle design for drum coaters. That is, the coating pan is elongated in comparison to the diameter, with two helical mixing spirals, which ensure a homogeneous distribution and mixing of the tablets throughout the spray zone. Additionally, the process air both enters and exits the process chamber through the tablet bed, which in comparison to a typical, diagonal air flow reduces spray drying to a minimum.

Homogeneous and Reliable Application of the Coating Suspension

The spray arm features an automatic adjustment of the spray angle and distance, carrying a total of six, two-substance spray nozzles. Furthermore, the spray system includes recirculation and single supply of the spray nozzles, to ensure a homogeneous and reliable application of the coating suspension.

Contrast to Batch Coaters

In contrast to common batch coaters, the KOCO® 25 uses a feeding of tablet cores through a product inlet port on top of the machine, leading to an opening in the rear of the coating pan. This port is normally closed and the product valve is only opened to fill the drum for a new coating cycle. The discharging of the coated tablets is through a corresponding port at the front of the coater.

Integrated Raman Probe

The process control is designed to operate in a cyclic manner, to repetitively execute the defined recipe, each execution further denoted as cycle. An integrated Raman probe aids the operator to detect the end-point of the coating process, after a suitable chemometric model has been built.
Depending on the function of the coating (e.g. cosmetic, taste masking, active coating, modified release) the size or the number of the coaters can be adapted to maintain the aimed throughput of the continuous manufacturing line.

Benefits of the KOCO®

  • Small footprint
  • Production capacity: ~5-25 kg/h
  • Operational volume 7 to 20 liters
  • 6 spray guns
  • Spray rates of 120 g/min and above
  • Bohle specific helical baffle design
  • Separate feeding & discharge for fast changeover
  • Air flow 600+ Nm³/h

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From Powder to the coated tablet: The unique feature of the production unit QbCon® is that the tablet production can be implemented either without granulation or with dry or wet granulation, in one system.

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