Pharmaceutical film coating, the coating of particles, is an important step in the pharmaceutical industry. All tablet coating processes are based on the following three steps:

  1. Spraying
  2. Mixing
  3. Drying

Most frequently, tablets are coated in order to modify how the active ingredient is released, to protect the active ingredient from light or moisture, or to mask a bitter taste in the tablet formulation. Another aspect is how well patients tolerate the drug. For example, for the patient’s benefit, coated tablets are easier to swallow, and different colors make them easier to tell apart. The processing of active ingredients in the tablet coating is becoming more and more significant.

Coating with the Bohle Tablet Coater

L.B. Bohle is a leader in the development and production of film coating systems for the pharmaceutical industry. The BFC Bohle Film Coater is the high-end version of the Bohle Coater and stands out for its high efficiency, optimal performance and lowest suspension losses.

Bohle's film coating technology is based on three essential and unique properties:

  • Pan geometry
  • Patented spirals
  • Air flow system

Best-of-class process control

Bohle Coaters guarantee best-of-class product processing and excellent cost effectiveness. A flat tablet bed with a long pan geometry along with the continuously adjustable angle of inclination ensure the optimal movement of the tablet cores. The systematic forced guidance in the pan keeps the load in constant motion. This prevents twinning, and losses of solids and coating are kept low.

Lowest suspension losses

Novel concepts – both regarding the process and the cleaning – improve the functionality of the coater and produce outstanding results. The air flow design unlocks clear process advantages. It means there is no longer a risk of spray-drying the suspension. This reduces spray losses and improves the texture of the coating. The pan geometry in combination with the mixing and conveying elements guarantees the gentle handling of the tablets. By reversing the rotational direction of the pan, the tablets can be emptied completely and without built-in elements.

Benefits of the Bohle Tablet Coater

  • Patented mixing spirals
  • Mixing at two levels using counter-rotation
  • Large spray surface, length: Diameter >1
  • Prevention of spray-drying, heating only in tablet bed
  • CIP cleaning with high-pressure system
  • Guaranteed scale-up
  • Better performance by up to 40%
  • Best uniformity, RSD < 2%
  • Lowest spray losses  < 5%

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Technical Data: Bohle Film Coater BFC

  BFC 100 BFC 200 BFC 400 BFC 600
Batch size (brim volume) (L) 50 - 160 100 - 300 200 - 650 400 – 980
No. of spray nozzles 5 6 8 10
Suspension unit All nozzles are fed by one peristaltic pump head

Available types of the Bohle Film Coater

  • Bohle Film Coater BFC 100
  • Bohle Film Coater BFC 200
  • Bohle Film Coater BFC 400
  • Bohle Film Coater BFC 600

Your contact for the Bohle Film Coater

Burkhard Schmidt

Sales Director

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+49 2524 - 93 23 0

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