Containment in pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, one term is becoming increasingly important: containment. It describes the process of containing a substance within a defined space, a method that is suitable for protecting operators and the environment in case of high toxicity and product reactivity. At the same time, containment prevents dust, gases or vapours from being released into the environment and contaminating the product.

More than 60 percent of pharmaceutical products are produced as tablets, capsules, lozenges or similar solids. Especially in new products the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are becoming increasingly more potent. In some markets, the segment for high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAIs) is growing in the double-digit range, especially driven by oncology medication.

L.B. Bohle offer comprehensive containment applications

For many years, L.B. Bohle has been known as a supplier of all-in-one solutions. L.B. Bohle offer premium technology not only for standard machinery, but above for complex containment applications with a high degree of individuality, Bohle proves its exceptional design position. Thus, the containment applications create an everyday added value for the customer.

Fully-integrated containment applications

L.B. Bohle offer containment solutions for both handling and process mines.  In the handling sector, for example, a lifting column and containment valves can be used for feeding the product as well as an integrated containment valve for the transfer of the granules into a receiving container.

Containment coater according to customer specifications

In the field of process machines, L.B. Bohle developed a containment coater of the BFC series exactly according to customer specifications.

The containment version of the BFC 100 enables operation in closed driving mode thanks to:

  • automatic nozzle adjustment (stroke and angle)
  • infra-red product temperature measurement
  • charging via a container flap
  • the connection for cleaning the container flap and the charging pipe (also available for discharge)
  • the connection for drying the container flap and the charging tube
  • the sampling lance
  • side doors with inflatable gasket (also standard for BFC)
  • the demountable nozzle holder. This results in great advantages when it comes to cleaning.

Roller compactor in a containment execution

The BRC 100 Containment is proven through the typical BRC attributes. Just like the standard version, the Containment BRC features a state-of-the-art electro-mechanical drive, completely eliminating the need for hydraulics.
In addition, the special version is equipped with the latest and fastest control which enables fully-automated operation. The BRC is very user-friendly and low-maintenance, with very short set-up times.

The highlights of the BRC containment at a glance:

  • equipped for the containment level OEB 5
  • integrated insulator unit in the compacting unit with corresponding vacuum monitoring
  • glovebox with security prompt for the removal of scabs
  • containment port for the collection of scab samples
  • containment port underneath the sieve unit for the removal of granules
  • convenient access, since no complete insulator unit is installed around the entire compactor
  • residue-free removal of product by integrated WIP equipment (WIP is also integrated in the standard version).

OEB and OEL for containment applications

 In addition to flexibility, our high-containment applications focus on ease of use and safety for users and the environment.

The globally standardized OEB classes (Operator Exposure Band) indicate the degree of toxicity of the substance on a containment scale.  

In contrast, OEL (Operator Exposure Limit) describes the average concentration of the active substance in the air at the workplace measured over a defined period at which no acute or chronic health damage is to be expected to the operator.


Toxic potential


Low toxic potential


Low toxic potential


Medium toxic potential


Highly toxic potential


Highly toxic potential


Very high toxic potential

Currently, L.B. Bohle offers containment applications up to OEB 5.

Protect your employees, products and the environment reliably - put your trust in containment applications from L.B. Bohle.

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