Tablet Checker KA

The Bohle Tablet Checker is used for a mechanical check of the thickness of sugar-coated or film-coated pills, capsules and tablets. The feeding hopper is filled with tablets to be tested. From there, a vibrator system guides the tablets to the rotating sorting discs.

Three different groups will be separated by the sorting discs:

  • tablets that are too thick will be guided into special tray by the upper ejector plate
  • tablets that are too thin will be collected below the middle ejector plate and guided into a special tray
  • accepted tablets that are located between the upper and middle ejector plate will be guided to the production plate

A touch panel controls the entire operation as well as the thickness-check feature. The thickness check can be adjusted to a maximum accuracy of ± 0.1 mm.

Advantages of the Tablet Checker KA:

  • reproducable setting
  • precise calibration
  • validatable process
  • low maintenance and comfortable cleaning concept
  • versatile integration in the production setup
  • capacity: up to 1.000.000 tablets/hour

Tablet Checker KA 280

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