Tablet Checker KA

The economical mechanical check of the thickness of sugar-coated or film-coated tablets is a main criterion in the pharmaceutical solid dosage production. L.B. Bohle is one of the most innovative suppliers in this market segment with the series of the tablet checkers KA since the 1980s. The latest innovation of the KA was published in 2016. The checker  series KA 280  always  stood  out  due  to  its  high  precision  and  great  performance. Up to 1.000.000 tablets can be checked in in hour.

Tablet checker

The Bohle Tablet Checker is used for a mechanical check of the thickness of sugar-coated or film-coated pills, capsules and tablets. The feeding hopper is filled with tablets to be tested. From there, a vibrator system guides the tablets to the rotating sorting discs.

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