The Granumator® GMA is a granulation system specifically optimized for pharmaceutical applications. The impeller is designed for high shear and compression, ensuring effective granulation. The chopper prevents excessive granule growth and distributes the granulating liquid within the product.

Less room requirements by through-the-wall installation

The High Shear Granulator GMA is designed for through-the-wall installation. The container is connected to the system head via electrically driven lifting cylinders and can be lowered for inspection, for example. The granulation system GMA is 12 bar shock pressure resistant. The pressure resistant version features extremely strong container lifting spindles to keep the container sealed even in case of accidents. The filling inlet in the head allows gravity feeding. The switch cabinet is attached to the reverse of the machine.

The core of the GMA Granumator ® is a cylindrical processing container with a double-arched base. The shape of the container and the impeller blades ensures effective granulation. High production precision allows for low spacing between the impeller blades and the base.


  • less liquid consumption
  • good discharging conditions
  • closed system
  • granulation can be time, amount or power controlled
  • easy cleaning, no remaining of rinsing water
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