Compact footprint, versatile use and smooth production processes are crucial criteria in the pharmaceutical industry when investing in a granulation system. L.B. Bohle sets the standards in this area with its granulation compact systems.

Granulation with the Bohle Compact Unit

The Bohle compact system integrates the individual components of the GMA high-shear granulator, BTS wet sieve, BFS Bohle fluid bed system, Bohle Uni Con BUC®, cyclone separator and BTS dry sieve perfectly into one unit. In doing so, the process, cleaning, control, explosion protection, zone concept and qualification are closely coordinated with each other.

The compact module allows for an extreme space-saving installation because the components are arranged right next to each other. In addition, direct product transfer is possible from the GMA's outlet valve to the BFS suction valve through a stainless-steel pipe. The tried and tested tangential sieve can also be integrated into this pipe. An additional drain valve is integrated in the BFS process tank so that the transfer and drain lines do not have to be modified during the process.

Compact Unit: Optimization of classic wet granulation
The compact system with its many technological advances and coherent safety concept is setting new industry standards. This makes the compact system an effective solution when it comes to optimizing classic wet granulation in an economical and ergonomic manner.

Benefits of the Compact Unit

  • GMA and BFS fluid bed systems are installed in the wall right next to each other
  • Low space requirement and minimal installation height
  • Multi-purpose use for a variety of processes
  • One single control panel is used to control both machines
  • WIP cleaning guarantees fast cleaning times
  • Low space requirement, high quality

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Available types of the Compact Unit

  • Bohle Fluid Bed System BFS 30 und GMA 70
  • Bohle Fluid Bed System BFS 60 und GMA 150
  • Bohle Fluid Bed System BFS 120 und GMA 300
  • Bohle Fluid Bed System BFS 240 und GMA 600
  • Bohle Fluid Bed System BFS 360 und GMA 800
  • Bohle Fluid Bed System BFS 480 und GMA 1200

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Area Sales Manager

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