Permanent Control in the Sieving Process

The size reduction of pharmaceutical solids is a crucial step in the process of tablet production and has a significant influence on the quality of the final product. The required particle size distribution correlates with desired release characteristics. Therefore, the choice of the correct machine setup for the crushing process is critical for product quality. This means that the correct sieve insert must be selected and installed for a sieving machine.
For years now, the Bohle Turbo Sieve BTS 200 has been meeting the highest standards of process reliability thanks to its modern control system with recipe and user management. The sieving process can only be started by authorized operators. However, the operator is still solely responsible for installing the appropriate sieve insert.

Sieve insert determines product result

"The sieve insert has a decisive influence on the product result and must therefore be regarded as process-critical. For this reason, it must be carefully selected," said Executive Director Tim Remmert, highlighting the priority of the work process. "In order to achieve a significantly higher level of process reliability and to avoid errors to the greatest extent possible, the BTS 200 can now be equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology," explained Remmert. The sieve inserts are equipped with unobtrusive transponders (data carriers) that clearly identify the sieve insert. Thus, a stored sieving process can only be started with the sieve insert stored in the recipe.
The antenna for reading the data is plugged into the feed hopper, ensuring easy cleaning of the BTS.  
Enhanced process monitoring and safety
The use of RFID technology has further advantages for users: Storing the operating times makes it easy to draw conclusions about possible wear and extended process times. The integration of RFID technology into the BTS control system thus increases process reliability and documents the sieve insert used in the batch report.

The following data is stored on the sieve transponder, among other things:

  • serial number
  • sieve design (round hole sieve, friction sieve, square hole sieve)
  • hole size
  • article number
  • date of manufacture, first and last use
  • operating hours


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