Bohle developers optimise lifting column for automated processes

In the pharmaceutical solids industry, lifting devices in the form of lifting columns have been an indispensable aid in performing a great variety of tasks for many years. For example, lifting columns are used to feed tablet presses or coaters or in complex manufacturing lines.

In contrast to competitors who use hydraulic lifting technology, L.B. Bohle has been relying very successfully on robust and electrically operated chain drives for years. These chain drives require less maintenance than hydraulic drives and do not pose hygiene problems in cleanrooms. Several thousand HS type lifting columns are reliably used every day for a variety of applications.

Slimmer HS SL lifting column expands portfolio

As the capacity in production rooms is often limited, customers increasingly expressed the wish for a new design of the lifting column. Production systems with their auxiliary units often take up a lot of space, making the integration of a lifting column difficult. For this reason, L.B. Bohle developed a new SL lifting column, which was presented for the first time at Achema 2018. The HS SL impresses with its robust design and electromechanical lifting drive. In addition, it features a touch control based on a microcontroller. The lifting column is controlled automatically by an intuitive user interface. It is a unique selling point that the new lifting column, with already integrated control cabinet, requires only a footprint of 0.3 m² and can therefore also be used in very limited spaces. The HS SL guarantees gentle lifting, precise docking, swivelling and turning as well as the integration of containment flaps, drum adaptors or other devices.

Operation via a remote touch panel enables operation outside the danger zone. Of course, the HS SL also offers a wide range of options, such as a load handling device, which can be implemented at the customer's request.


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