Bohle Uni Cone BUC® coats even small particles more precisely and evenly

Brand and utility models are now protected

With the Bohle Uni Cone BUC ® process, the special machine builder L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH can protect a new development method for precise coating of particles as a utility model right now. “We have shown that our new method works much more accurately and evenly than the conventional Wurster process”, says the managing director Lorenz Bohle.

The Wurster process is used in the pharmaceutical industry, when small particles, so called pellets, must be coated. Most coating systems, which were used today, were based on this method which was developed by the American Pharmacists Dale E. Wurster in 1959.

Biggest weaknesses are hardly calculable setting parameters and the spray nozzles in the bottom”, explains Lorenz Bohle, CEO of the L. B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH.

The adjustment parameters must be re-tested in long tests for each product. This approach runs more on the basis of experience rather than on verifiable data”, Bohle describes the scientific dilemma. Losses in production and to large fluctuations in the coating uniformity are the results. “We have developed two major changes that solve both problems of the Wurster process”, says Lorenz Bohle. A sloping floor and a conical tip in the center provide a uniform turbulence of the product. Simultaneously, the coating substance is sprayed to lateral nozzles. “We thus reach a hitherto possible coating uniformity. By this process the customers can apply their products with active substances with the highest precision”, said the CEO. “The losses are under one percent in a very complex process.”

The tangential nozzles have also enhanced quality advantages in handling. If a nozzle is blocked, it can be cleaned with aqueous operation during the current process. “Because of the tremendous benefits we can secure a utility patent protection for the process and have protected the Bohle Uni Cone BUC® as European brand.”

(Utility model: 2012 102 157,9 – Fluid Bed System with a conical fluid bottom; Brand: 011 659 067)

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