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High shear granulation

The high shear process is a granulation system optimized for pharmaceutical applications. Distinctive features of high shear granulators are impellers as blending application as well as choppers. A special type of the high shear granulator is the single pot granulator

Hygienic Design

Hygienic design ensures optimum cleaning options and favourable hygiene conditions in the plant during the planning and construction of all Bohle products.


means the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs or existing market needs. L.B. Bohle aims to continuously innovate new and optimize existing products.


Complete inst allation of the entire production system through to commissioning of the system. All steps are implemented by L.B. Bohle technicians.


Control unit. Machine for checking sugar - coated granules and coated tablets.


KOCO® is a semi - continuous coater sold by L. B. Bohle.

Laboratory mixer

The mixing technology is an elementary process in the pharmaceutical solid production. The aim of the mixing process is the production of a homogenous or heterogeneous mixture.


A quantity, raw material or product which is processed and defined in one or several operations (see also Batch).


Machine for chopping solids (see also grinding).


See laboratory mixer. Machine for homogenization of a raw material mixture.

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Continuous ManufacturingStart Your Continuous Manufacturing with QbCon

Continuous Manufacturing

From Powder to the coated tablet: The unique feature of the production unit QbCon® is that the tablet production can be implemented either without granulation or with dry or wet granulation, in one system.

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Complete Solid Dosage ProductionTest Our Machines in the Service Center

Solid dosage production

The Bohle Service Center enables the presentation and testing from our machines as well as the executions of workshops and tutorials.

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