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Film Coater

Machine for coating tablets. Film coating processes can be sub divided into the basic operations spraying, mixing and drying. Each individual process must be carefully and coordinately optimized. Bohle produces the Bohle Film Coater (BFC) and the Bohle Tablet Coater (BTC).

Fluid bed system

The fluid bed system is an optimized system for pharmaceutical applications. It is usually used as granulation, coating and drying system.


Good Automated Manufacturing Practice Supplier Guide for Validation of Automated Systems in Pharmaceutical Manufacture is the guideline for the validation of computer - aided systems in the pharmaceutical industry.


Good Manufact uring Practice means compliance with international production standards, e.g. the hygiene and documentation for the pharmaceutical industry.


Granulation is defined as the production of granules and free - flowing substances. Granulation as the basic operation in pharmaceutical solid production designates the agglomeration of powder particles. Granules are therefore agglomerates of primary particles.


Machine for the production of agglomerates. Agglomeration is a process of mechanical granule enlargement. Granulation can be implemented as wet, dry or melting agglomeration.


Granules consist of solid or coarse granules with each granule bei ng an agglomerate of powder particles. Granules can contain one or several substances.


Through mechanical forces, the size of the particles of solids is reduced. The Bohle Turbo Mill ( BTM 150) is a typical mill deployed in the pharmaceutical production.


In the pharmaceutical industry, handling product means a system that transports material to anoth er location. Handling systems can be mobile as well as stationary. They include lifting columns, blenders, containment valves and containers.


Hastell oy is a nickel - base alloy from which Bohle Film Coater are made, for instance, for specific requirements

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Continuous Manufacturing

From Powder to the coated tablet: The unique feature of the production unit QbCon® is that the tablet production can be implemented either without granulation or with dry or wet granulation, in one system.

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The Bohle Service Center enables the presentation and testing from our machines as well as the executions of workshops and tutorials.

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