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Quantity of a product which is produced in an identical work step. It must be homogenous and manufactured under the same conditions.


Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, German Federal Authority


Process of steady mixing of solids. Aim is to achieved a homogeneous distribution of the substances into each other.

Bohle offers different models of mixers from laboratory up to the production scale. The special efficiency of the Bohle mixing systems is based on the revolutionary and patented principle of the countercurrent process.

Blue Competence

Sustainability initiative of the VDMA. This initiative takes a stance on the issues of energy efficiency, electric mobility, society, energy policy and industry.

Sustainability is particularly important in all areas, even for the medium-sized engineering company L.B. Bohle. The continuous development and optimization of technical processes are issues that the employees deal with on a daily basis. Energy efficiency, environmental compatibility and sustainability are taken into account during every stage of production and development.

Bohle Uni Cone BUC®

Using a tangential fluid bed system represents state of the art technology in pharmaceutical manufacturing for particle coating, granulation and drying.

With the innovative and patented Bohle Uni Cone BUC® process a complete fluidization is assured which leads to a high coating uniformities and high yields in the final product due to the absence if particle twinning. Bohle Uni Cone BUC® is the productive, practical and pricise alternative to conventional Wurster processing.

BRC dry granulator

The Bohle Dry Granulator BRC completes the Bohle portfolio of granulation systems since 2012. The compactor series BRC 25 and BRC 100 offers several advantages in comparison to existing solutions in the market.


Large amounts of raw materials.

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Continuous ManufacturingStart Your Continuous Manufacturing with QbCon

Continuous Manufacturing

From Powder to the coated tablet: The unique feature of the production unit QbCon® is that the tablet production can be implemented either without granulation or with dry or wet granulation, in one system.

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Complete Solid Dosage ProductionTest Our Machines in the Service Center

Solid dosage production

The Bohle Service Center enables the presentation and testing from our machines as well as the executions of workshops and tutorials.

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