Continuous processes are on the advance in the pharmaceutical industry. The major process characteristic is that the reactant is continuously infed and outfed to a machine. Th e aim is to achieve a perfect plug flow. Bohle offers continuous processes in granulation as well as in the coating segment. Coating is carried out in the semi-continuous coater KOCO® , granulation through the extruder and dry granulator BRC 25 and BRC 100, the extruder BCG and the Bohle Continuous Dryer BCD. Batch production is the alternative to continuous processes.

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Continuous Manufacturing

From Powder to the coated tablet: The unique feature of the production unit QbCon® is that the tablet production can be implemented either without granulation or with dry or wet granulation, in one system.

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The Bohle Service Center enables the presentation and testing from our machines as well as the executions of workshops and tutorials.

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