The mixing of powders entails high demands on safety and hygiene in the pharmaceutical production process. For the production of pharmaceutical solids, the homogeneity of the produced mixture is a crucial process step. An even distribution of all components in the mixture is  the goal of this process.

L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH produces blenders for pharmaceutical production since 1987. By now, well over 3,500 blenders have been produced and every day, a wide variety of blending systems are used worldwide in the production lines of pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturers.

With the right mix of successful ideas and design, L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH is among the world leaders in blending technology for the pharmaceutical industry. And this success ranges from laboratory blenders to blending systems with 12,000-litre containers.

Blending with the Bohle Pharma Blender

Thanks to our great flexibility in design and manufacturing, we can offer a highly sophisticated product portfolio. This means that all L.B. Bohle pharma blenders can be used in all conceivable production scenarios in pharmaceutical production and it does not matter whether your company uses round or square containers, because Bohle blenders come with a wide range of pick-up systems. We offer the solution that fits your manufacturing process.

Homogeneous blending thanks to patented technology

The patented blending elements inside the container lid allow Bohle blending systems to achieve the homogeneous mixing of dry powder batches. The blending procedure is scalable for volumes between four to 12,000 litres.

For highest flexibility, blending containers with different capacities can be used. The patented Bohle blending process guarantees the effective mixing of batches between 20 – 85 % and with densities between 0.2 – 1.2 kg/l.

PM Pharma Blender - stationary blending device with the following components:

  • PM machine body with load suspension device
  • Electrical switch cabinet is integrated in the machine body; a separate installation is available upon request
  • Separate operator panel (15“Touch Panel). Printer or PDF print as an option
  • Safety light barrier or laser scanner available as an option

The blending operation is a fully closed process.  For filling, each container comes with an inner lid. In addition, the blender can also be used as a milling station for the transport from container to container.

High flexibility thanks to a wide range of different container adaptations

L.B. Bohle offers a wide range of holder systems for its blending systems:

  • Standard arm connection and clamp
  • Round forks on the lifting arm
  • Lifting arm with eccentric clamp, power clamp and hydraulic clamp

Multiple processes in one system – blending, chopping and liquid addition

  • Closed system, therefore optimal for containment applications
  • No cleaning required between batches
  • Rotates up to 6 rpm
  • Optional speed increase possible after technical clarification
  • Gentle product movements
  • Blending elements in intermediate bulk container (IBC)

Benefits of the Bohle Pharma Blender

  • Homogeneous mixing of dry power batches
  • Patented blending elements
  • Blending volumes from 4 to 12,000 litres
  • PM can be used as milling station for bin to bin transfer
  • Requires significantly smaller footprint than comparable blenders
  • Fast, easy, low-cost installation and low maintenance
  • Fast product changeover by exchanging the blending container
  • Containment execution as an option

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Available types of the Bohle Pharma Blender

  • LM 40
  • PM 400
  • PM 600
  • PM 1000
  • PM 2000
  • PM 2400
  • PM 4000
  • PM 6000
  • PM 12000

Technical Data: Bohle Pharma Blender

  PM 400 PM 600 PM 1000 PM 2000
Standard machine height [mm] 2800 2800 2800 2800
Load capacity [kg] 400 600 900 1500
Standard blending speed[UpM] 2 - 6
Contrtol system PLC controlled with Touch Panel

Your contact for the Bohle Pharma Blender

Peter Pogoda

Area Sales Manager

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+49 2524 - 93 23 0


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